Școala Doctorală

Știinţe Umaniste, Politice şi ale Comunicării


Ludmila COADĂ

Dr., Conf. univ.


Ludmila Coada is an Associate Professor at the Free International University of Moldova (Chisinau) and teaches courses on World and Regional Politics and History (Comparative Politics of the Post-Soviet States; The Administrative Organization of Bessarabia under the Tsarist regime; European Union Enlargement and Neighbourhood; Model United Nations, among others). She obtained her Ph.D. in History from the Institute of History, State and Law - Academy of Science of Moldova. Her areas of interest and expertise include foreign policy analysis, European Union foreign and security policy, Moldova and post-Soviet states' foreign policy, elite politics in post-Soviet Eurasia, Soviet and post-Soviet history and politics, Bassarabian history/Bassarabian Zemstvo. She is the author of various scholarly articles on Bassarabian history and the foreign policy of Moldova. Her first book Zemstvo Institution in Bassarabia: Historical and Juridical Aspects was published in 2009.